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Our Mission

We’re committed to advancing national driver safety knowledge through continued learning, advocacy and consulting – making YOU the expert with readily available, quality content that you can access online at any time. All made for you as a driving instructor. 

Why You'll Love Us

Take Your Time

Didn't quite catch that? That's okay! You can just rewind and go over it again to absorb the material. You can even go between previous and current sections of the lesson!

Play/Pause As Needed

We get it - life can be crazy. You can play and pause the videos as much or as little as you need. The course will automatically save your spot for when you return. Same goes for all other elements of the course as well!

Practical Instruction

We've all had instructors who ramble on. That's not us! We value your time and want you to spend more of it doing what you love - teaching driver education! Our courses are clear and to the point.


How To Approach Disabilities
In Driver Education

Implementing the teaching techniques detailed in this course will better enable you and your team to confidently communicate to driving students with disabilities.


In this Wellness Course, you’ll learn  how to take care of yourself so you can keep doing Driver Education for the long haul. Learn healthy habits and routines from the experts!

Back to Basics: Skills for Classroom Success

It’s always a good idea to go back to the foundation of everything you teach at least once a year to ensure the fundamentals don’t get rust. That’s why we created this Back to Basics series for!


We work with organizations and government agencies to provide training solutions for driving professionals, including driving school instructor certification/training. These are in person or online workshops where we teach individuals through lecture, slides, videos, hands on training, and break out groups. 

Our workshops are tried and true. Check out our review from our most recent training in New Mexico:

"If your department is entertaining the idea of bringing in an experienced, organized and highly motivated group whether for new instructor certification, or professional development, I highly recommend Driving Professionals Group for the job!"
Andy P
University of New Mexico
Transportation Safety Center
The courses I took from Driving Professionals Group were seriously the best, most informative and practical instruction I've ever received . They really broke things down in a way that made the material easy to understand. And with videos, slideshows, and summarizing exercises - I was NEVER bored!
man, model, smile
Greg H.
Driving Instructor

Core Values

Forward Thinking

We EMBRACE and DRIVE change.


We make maximum IMPACT through, EXPERT content for driving professionals.


We work tirelessly to lead our industry into the future.

Safety Driven

We believe the best way to make our roads safer is by investing in our nation’s driving professionals.

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